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International agreements formalize the University’s strategic international partnerships. They are established by a process of consultation, negotiation and approval.
International agreements between UTSA and foreign universities or colleges are governed by a combination of Texas state law, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Rules, and UTSA policies.

Process for establishing an international agreement
The first step in setting up an international agreement is to complete an
IAP_Form 2015.pdf (Proposal) which sets out relevant details of the proposed agreement, including parties, scope of proposed activities and benefits to the University. 

In addition to securing approvals from relevant stakeholders at the University, the Proposal should be circulated to the Executive Director of the Office of International Programs for feedback on how the proposed partnership aligns with relevant regional objectives and initiatives, and the University's Strategic Plan.

Once a completed Proposal is submitted to the Office of the Vice Provost for International Initiatives, a draft agreement will be produced.  This draft will then be circulated to the UTSA Department of Legal Affairs, before being shared with the proposed partner institution for its review and comment.

Preparation and negotiation of draft agreements can be a lengthy process.  The Global Relations and Agreements Coordinator will be able to advice on an indicative time-frames.  Urgent agreements will be given corresponding priority.  

The University uses standard templates for all of the types of agreements listed below.  Arrangements that depart from the standard templates will need to be reviewed by the University's Office of General Counsel.

Types of Agreements
There are three types of possible agreements. In general, agreements begin at the cooperative level and progress further over time:
  •     Agreement of Cooperation – A general agreement used to establish the intent to conduct exchange and collaboration in areas of interest and benefit to both institutions. This agreement simply outlines that UTSA and a foreign institution have established a formal relationship, and may agree to cooperate on more specific programs in the future.
  •     Affiliation Agreement  – This agreement is used to further establish a relationship of a much more defined and continuing nature with an international academic institution. The affiliation agreement establishes more specific program relationships beneficial to the respective educational institutions. It is often used to establish the development of well defined joint studies, research and training activities, and other educational programs of mutual interest.
  • Program Agreement  – This agreement is used to further define and implement the details of a specific program already included within the provisions of an approved affiliation agreement.

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You can search the University's International Partnership Agreements Database for an overview of where the University is engaged regionally and globally.


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